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Water bodies, being closely linked to the human story, have borne the brunt of our indiscriminate ways. Driven by a vision to harness technology to clean up our water bodies in line with the Prime Minister’s vision, and the 17 SDGs of the UN, Omnipresent Robot Technologies has developed an automated robot for water body cleaning. Ro-Boat, as a solution is born out of the fusion of AI and Robotics..

Additional features - Gimbal Stabilized Video Output, Engine and Battery Failsafe and High wind Tolerance.

Key Features

  • AI driven waste detection and collection
  • Controlled by operator up to a range of 5 Km or automated mission
  • Light weight and easily transportable; ideal for time and region responsive missions
  • Endurance of 2 hours in one charge
  • Capable of extracting 5 kgs of waste per hour and 12 hours of continuous operations (using rechargeable batteries) under varying conditions
  • Can operate close to shore in shallow waters
  • Records path of operations for post mission analysis
  • Offers ability to collect samples from different locations for water body profiling