Chandrayaan - 2

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AI based image processing for on the fly navigation

Humans are characterised by their quest to excel and to reach the stars and beyond. Omnipresent Robot Technology Pvt Ltd presented a concept paper on designing the orientation mechanism for the Chandrayaan II Lunar Lander.

It also designed the software for creating 3D images from a stereo pair captured by the rover on the moon. These images were to help the rover navigate safely across the lunar surface by accurately allowing it to assess distances from rocks whilst also simultaneously mapping the lunar landscape.

Key concepts of these technologies are:

  • Using RLGs and accelerometers combined with software based Kalman filter to orient the lander during its last Km of descent.
  • Integrating stereo pair of images on the fly, generating 3D model and AI based assessment of the terrain to chart the path of the Lunar Rover