Automated Mapping & Precision Agriculture

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Applications of Remote Sensing such as Crop Classification and Recognition

Crop Classification and recognition is an important application of Remote Sensing. Presently this activity is being undertaken using satellite imagery. Seized of the fact that satellite imagery is of coarse spatial and temporal resolution, Omnipresent Robot Technology Pvt Ltd set out to validate its concept of using drones for crop acreage and crop yield estimation using drones.

Monsoons are the pivot on which hinges our agricultural production which is also the largest sector for employment in India. During the monsoon months cloud obscurity is a major problem encountered by agri scientists. Flying drones below the cloud cover provides data in this crucial period also and thus helps in more accurate assessment of national production. We are produce to have been associated with two State Remote Sensing Sensors to provide them gap free coverage in this domain and are engaged with a few others to port our working model and refine it further. At Omni we have taken this model into the realm of AI by processing drone generated images using Convoluted Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine with RBF Kernel to generate thematic information at a much higher spatial and temporal resolution than satellites

We are also engaged with a premier mapping agency to automate the digitization of raster data (orthorectified images). Images are also updated using high temporal resolution drone based images.